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教務處數位學習中心將於 4/24 (一) 舉辦「沉浸式XR體驗及其互動設計」講座,邀請國立臺北科技大學互動設計系的韓秉軒教授,藉由近年來他在國際上的研究發表和國內的產學案例來與大家分享:(1)多感官回饋技術、(2)沉浸式互動設計和(3)多媒體專案執行與人才培育。歡迎對創新教學有興趣的師長們踴躍參加!


※ 活動日期:112 年 4 月 24 日 (星期一)
※ 活動地點:本校校總區共同教學館一樓 103 未來教室
※ 報名時間:112 年 4 月 10 日至 112 年 4 月 20 日中午 12 點止
※ 報名網址:
※ 人數上限:60 人
※ 活動議程:10:00~10:30  簽到
       10:30~12:00  韓秉軒老師 沉浸式XR體驗及其互動設計分享



※ 承辦單位:教務處數位學習中心大學課程組
※ 聯絡人:蘇小姐 (02)3366-3367#588,
※ 防疫注意事項:
1. 會場內禁止飲食。
2. 如有身體不適或上呼吸道症狀的人員謝絕入場。
Digital Learning Center cordially invites faculty members to attend the “Immersive XR Experience and its Interaction Design” seminar on April 24th. Professor Ping-Hsuan Han from the Department of Interaction Design at National Taipei University of Technology will be invited to share multi-sensory feedback technology, immersive interaction design, and multimedia project execution and talent cultivation through a discussion on his international research publications and domestic industry-academic collaboration cases in recent years. We welcome all faculty members who are interested in innovative teaching to join us!


Event Information:

Date: April 24, 2023 (Monday)
Venue: Future Classroom (R103), Gongtong Lecture Building, NTU Main Campus
Registration: April 10-20, 2023
※ Maximum Capacity: 60 persons
※ Registration Here:

※ Agenda:

      10:00~10:30 Check-In
      10:30~12:00 Lecture by Professor Ping-Hsuan Han (delivered in Mandarin)

※ About Professor Ping-Hsuan Han:
Professor Han is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Interaction Design at National Taipei University of Technology. He graduated from the doctoral program of the Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia at National Taiwan University. His research interests include extended reality (XR), diverse feedback technology, human-computer interaction, etc. For more information about Professor Han, please visit his personal website:
Organizer: Division of University Courses, Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs
Contact Person: Ms. Su  Tel: (02)3366-3367#588  Email:

※ COVID-19 Precautions:

      1. Food and drinks are not allowed in the venue.
      2. Individuals who feel unwell or have upper respiratory infection symptoms are kindly requested to refrain from attending the event.