CEIBA is a course management system built by our school. Based on the concept of course design, it was created for the purposes of promoting the use of information technology to improve teaching effectiveness, encouraging students to develop lifelong learning ability, and establishing ‘students-oriented’ learning environment to improve communication between teachers and students.
CEIBA was developed by the Computer and Information Networking Center in 1995. The Learning Technology Division of CTLD and the Computer Information Management Division of OAA took over the management of the system including maintenance, user consultation & training, and R&D in 2006.
Currently, CEIBA provides various online tools to assist with classroom teaching and incorporates related information systems in the University to facilitate teaching practice. CEIBA links up with academic administration systems to assist faculty members in creating courses websites, by which instructors can upload courses handouts, announce assignments, and release academic grades. It also provides other functions such as forums, etc. to support the teaching and learning of the courses.
We are pleased to announce that NTU COOL will replace CEIBA as NTU’s official Learning Management System (LMS). We understand that moving to a new LMS is not an easy undertaking, but to provide NTU’s teachers and students with a secure and reliable platform which is able to meet the teaching/ learning needs from diverse backgrounds, the transition is decided to go into full effect by the 111-1 (Fall 2022) semester.

Since CEIBA will no longer support course building after August 1, 2022, the relevant policies are as follows:
  • We will be updating the information about LMS transition on the frontpage of CEIBA.
  • CEIBA will be in read-only mode after the 111-1 semester. All the users can log in to CEIBA and download their course materials.
  • The feature for syllabus building is now available on NTU COOL.
During this move to NTU COOL, if your have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Mail CEIBA: ntuceiba@ntu.edu.tw
Mail NTU COOL: ntucool@ntu.edu.tw
Contact Person: Pi-Yun Lee   Tel: 33663367#532
E-mail : ntuceiba@ntu.edu.tw

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