Faculty Development Group

The Faculty Development Group hopes to provide a positive teaching support through teacher groups to help teachers explore work-life balance and personal growth, and promote communication among teachers. The long-term goal is to create a healthy work environment for faculty members. 

At the same time, peer learning and teaching experience sharing can foster interdisciplinary exchanges among teachers. The teacher group mechanism will not only enhance teachers’ teaching knowledge, but also enhance their connection and interaction, thus facilitating mutual development and personal improvement.  
With the director of the Center serving as the convener of the teacher groups, regular meetings on different themes are held during the semester. It is hoped that through the idea exchanges, professional insights and analysis, a positive supportive force for teaching can be established.

New Program

CTLD will be launching a new Faculty Development Group program that will be implemented in multiple ways. It has clear goals and ideas, and the approaches are varied and creative.
The program will be conducted in two ways: theme groups and member gathering. Two theme groups will be set up in 2021: “Teaching Practice Research Group” and “Service Learning Curriculum Design Group”. Member recruitment has been successful, and those who are interested in joining can check the latest news or the activities section on the website. The member gathering will be in the form of Teacher Luncheon. The gathering is based on mutual care and communication so that through each gathering, peer relationship can be strengthened.

Teacher Luncheon

The Teacher Luncheon may seem ordinary, but the idea behind it is extraordinary. It originated from the stories of teachers who participated in the New Faculty Orientation in 2013. That year, this group of teachers participated in the Center’s faculty development group, and through the program, developed the habit of gathering regularly. After the program ended, teachers such as Ying-Lien Chen from the Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Mei-Yin Su from the Masters in Sports Facility Management and Health Promotion, Liao, Wei-Ssu from the Department of Chemistry, Jung-Chen Chang from the School of Nursing, and Huang Heng-Tsung Danny from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature continued meeting from time to time, thus extending the teacher group for many years. Their relationship has grown and remains strong today. Their gathering features spontaneous sharing of teaching and life in a relaxed and comfortable manner. With much appreciation to the teachers for managing the group for so many years, this practice has become the prototype for the new Faculty Development Group program. The Center hopes that such gatherings will continue to grow and bring about positive influence.
The biggest difference between the Teacher Luncheon and general lectures or workshops is that it emphasizes mutual learning and experience exchange among the members. Instead of a speaker-centered concept, the participating members are the focus of the activity. The event will have a theme and there will be a guest; however, the theme and the guest are only intended to facilitate mutual assistance and communication among the members. The participants are expected to spontaneously contribute their expertise and experience. We hope to replicate the spirit of active learning, which is commonly applied to student activities, in the Teacher Luncheon. Simply put, the goal of the gathering is to ” come not only to learn, but also to contribute what you have learned; come not only to listen to others share, but also to spontaneously share your personal experience.” The Center also holds expectations for the Teacher Luncheon: 1) Expects members to participate over the long term in order to develop deep friendship and in-depth learning; 2) Expects to have new members in each gathering so that conversations during the activity can be more diversified and learning can be broader.
We plan to conduct 3-5 member gatherings every year. The gatherings will mainly be held at noon, but we are also planning to organize outdoor gatherings. The gatherings are intended to be relaxing, and members are not divided into teachers or staff. All NTU faculty and staff are welcome to register for the events. It is hoped that members will attend many of the activities and invite or encourage their peers to participate. Keynote guests will be invited to the gatherings, and hands-on stress relief courses will also be conducted from time to time to create opportunities for members to work together with each other and cultivate a tacit understanding of peer cooperation. Some of the gatherings will be open to family members to integrate the work and family life and create a warm NTU family atmosphere.
The activities for 2020-2021 are as follows. More activity information will be added, and the Center will announce the application method in the latest news.

● December 2020 | 2020 Teacher Luncheon | Link

● January 2021 | 2021 Winter Workshop | Link (Design Think Workshop)

● February 2021 | 2021 Outdoor Gathering | Link

● May 2021 | 2021 Future University Exchange Meeting | Link

●July 2021 | 2021 Summer Workshop | Link (Pedagogy Lecture)

● November 2021 | 2021 Teacher Luncheon | To Be Confirmed

Faculty Development Group Article Sharing

About the Theme Groups

The Center has hosted theme groups targeting teaching-related research and innovative teaching. Two themes groups have been set up for 2021: “Teaching Practice Research Group” and “Service Learning Curriculum Design Group”. In the future, theme about Future Classroom or other innovative themes will be formed. The group activities will not only enhance the professional development, but also promote networking and interactions among the teachers, and subsequently achieve the purpose of professional learning and self-improvement. Some of these group activities are oriented toward sharing of teaching knowledge and development of innovative curriculum, and are similar to other commonly seen teacher groups. A teacher group is expected to recruit 8-12 people. If the number exceeds, the group can subdivide into several groups for activities according to the members’ expertise. Recruitment has been successful so far. Please refer to the latest news or contact Ms. Kylie Yong of the Center for details of the recruitment.


Group activities will last for one year. In 2021, activities will be organized over Semester 1 and Semester 2. In 2021 Spring Semester, about 2-3 activities will be held, of which one will be an inter-group exchange. Activities for 2021 Fall Semester are being planned. Each activity is coherent and complete. Hopefully at the end of the semester, there will be an achievement exhibition and joint presentation. The themes for each group activity will be set in the first meeting to give members the opportunity to build consensus through discussion, and formulate common goals.

Online Teacher Group

In response to the impact of COVID-19, physical interactions among teachers may be restricted. Starting from mid-2020, the Faculty Development Group program has already set up the online teacher group. Facebook, a social media often used by teacher communities, are used as an online interaction space to operate the teacher group. NTU teachers are welcome to apply and join. Please provide your NTU email address for verification when applying. To join the group, please click on the link below to apply.

NTU Fun Teaching FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/2888761998035267

Faculty Development Group Article Sharing

◎ Taiwan Education Review 2014,3 (9),page 145-162
— An Exploration of Enhancing the Operation of Professional Learning Community for Elementary and Secondary School Teachers ( Full Text )
◎ Curriculum & Instruction Resources Network
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