Innovation – Undergraduate Honors Programs

To encourage students who are interested in academic research, NTU has been implementing the Undergraduate Honors Programs since 2020 academic year to provide students with channels for research and in-depth learning. Bachelor’s program students in their sophomore year or above can develop their research ability and explore research directions by taking difficult, in-depth, and rigorous upper-level courses. In addition to taking advanced courses, students must also complete a bachelor’s thesis under the guidance of their advisor. Upon passing review, the “Undergraduate Honors Programs” will be added to their graduation diploma.

The Undergraduate Honors Programs allows NTU’s abundant research energy to be fully utilized, and enables students with potential to engage in research early. The process allows them to develop the ability to discover, explore, and solve problems, and subsequently experience enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment in research. This academic program can also line NTU up with higher education systems internationally and cultivate talents with international competitiveness.

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In order to promote the Undergraduate Honors Programs, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development has specially invited Professor Jeng-Daw Yu from the Department of Mathematics to share the department’s experience. The video has been released on the NTU YouTube EDU channel to provide reference for departments’ curriculum planning.