Hope Project

The Center has developed ‘Hope Project’ to provide services for the students admitted to the school through the ‘Hope Admission Scheme’. ‘Hope Family’ learning groups are organized for ‘Hope Admission Scheme’ students; in addition, ‘Hope Family Mentor’ (the second mentor) and ‘Hope Family TA’ are set to care for students’ learning and living. Besides, individual counseling and group activities such as freshmen orientation camp, parents’ meetings, customized tutoring sessions, etc. are also arranged to assist students in adapting to school.



Project details are as follows:

  • ‘Hope Family’ Learning Groups: With different ‘Hope Admission Scheme’ students making up the groups, a designated teacher and teaching assistant are assigned to each group to provide individual or group tutoring, help to organize freshmen orientation camp and study activities, and communicate with the parents and advisors of the students. The all-round counseling and care are provided to help students adapt to the campus environment.

  • Customized Tutoring Sessions: One-on-one or group tutoring is provided to help students with their academic problems, thereby building their learning confidence, learning effectiveness, and in-depth learning.

  • Diversified Learning Strategies: Themed courses and workshops are offered, such as foreign language, programming, self-exploration, creative thinking and other topics to provide students with more opportunities for expanding their learning areas and developing diverse skills. Student are encouraged to carry out self-learning activities to cultivate an active learning attitude, broaden their horizons, and enrich their life.

Contact Person : Wan-Jhih Li
Tel : 33663367 #552
E-mail : wanjhih@ntu.edu.tw


“I think the project’s supportive measures are really perfect. I have met many warm and enthusiastic people, and this makes me want to become a better person and be gentle with everyone.”
“When I enrolled, the parents’ meeting helped my mother and I understand the content of the Hope Project and the things to pay attention to once school starts. The suggestions for planning and focusing my university life are very helpful to us.”
“For example, I particularly like the freshmen orientation camp because it gave me more opportunities to meet people from other learning groups, and I also got a lot of information. Having small “hope family dinner” once in while is also really enjoyable. After all, I don’t get to see my schoolmates from other departments very often, and eating together and chatting is very stress relieving. “