Faculty Mentorship

The Center has planned multiple types of peer exchange services for faculty members. After assessing and analyzing the needs of teachers according to the different stage of their teaching career, the Center recommends appropriate support programs. The Faculty Mentorship service for new teachers provides teachers with the opportunity for in-depth discussions on topics such as actual classroom challenges, balancing teaching and research, and resource development through one-on-one experience exchange and interaction.

2020 Fall Semester Faculty Mentorship Welcome Meeting

In 2020 Fall Semester, the welcoming meeting was held on the Friday evening of September 25. Forty-two teachers participated in the very lively meeting where they chatted about teaching ideas and together composed a blueprint for teaching. To enhance the friendship between the mentors and new teachers, interactive teaching elements were used to design the activities so that everyone would be motivated to keep supporting each other. Special Blog Website:http://ntumentorship.mystrikingly.com/

Faculty Mentorship Service for New Teachers

To match new teachers with mentors, new teachers are asked about their willingness to participate during the New Faculty Orientation. The Center then makes the contact to match up the teachers. The mentors are mainly Outstanding Teacher Award and Excellent Teacher Award winners in NTU who hope that through periodic counseling and sharing, they can help new teachers adapt to teaching and research work.

Portraits of Outstanding Teachers

To encourage teachers with excellent teaching performance and recognize their efforts and contributions in teaching, NTU has specially formulated the National Taiwan University Guidelines for the Selection of Faculty Members to Receive Teaching Awards. The Teaching and Learning Stories of Outstanding Teachers in NTU is published in collaboration with campus units. The Center has obtained authorization from the of the National Taiwan University Press to share the content of the electronic version so that more readers can experience the wonderful stories of how NTU teachers use their lives to impact lives.Past stories have been published on the Teaching Resources website, and will be gradually updated on the Portraits of Outstanding Teachers page of the Center’s website: Link.

Administrative Instruction

Application Schedule|
  • Process application and mentor matching during the New Faculty Orientation.
  • Faculty Members who are Foreign Nationals or Non-native Chinese Faculty Members will be contacted by a Center staff to verify their intention to apply.
Priority will be given to NTU teachers who were hired within the last three years and who have yet to apply for the service.
Feedback Survey |
The Center hopes to improve the content and quality of the service by collecting opinion and feedback. We ask that teachers who have applied for the service complete and return a simple questionnaire. Thank you.

Principles of Mentoring

For Mentor |
  • Meet with the mentee at least once every semester.
  • Mainly discuss content that pertains to teaching, research, service or life experience. Recommended methods include individual meeting or group activities.
  • New teachers differ in their ability to adapt to a new environment, and thus mentors are strongly encouraged to take the initiative to reach out to their new colleagues.
For Mentee |
  • Meet with the mentor at least once every semester.
  • Mainly discuss content that pertains to teaching, research, service or life experience. Recommended methods include individual meeting or group activities.
  • New teachers are encouraged to actively and enthusiastically contact their mentor, and respect and cooperate with the time scheduled by their mentor.

Information on 2021 Faculty Mentorship has announced by NTU COOL platform. Further information have been sent by Email.
The following is the information of 2020.

Mentor Application and Matching

– Video produced for the 2020 New Faculty Orientation

Interview — Video produced for the 2020 New Faculty Orientation

The Center interviewed newcomers to the school or workplace, and considered from a different perspective the kind of services the school should provide to help new recruits fit better into campus and workplace life. The Faculty Mentorship Service, which is specially designed for new NTU teachers, is then shared in form of a program. The program then introduced how new teachers in 2020 successfully found suitable mentors in Xitou, and applied for the matching. Last, teachers Tzu-Tang “Thomas” Wei from the Department of Pharmacology, Shi-Wei Chu from the Department of Physics, and Yu-Hsiang Cheng from the Department of Electrical Engineering were interviewed.

The entire humorous content of the interview will be posted on the Center’s website — So please stay tuned.

Production|NTU CTLD
Executive Producer|Mr. Rui-Bin Hsieh, Department of Bio-industry Communication and Development
Project Planner|Ms. I-Fan Chang, CTLD
Special Thanks|
Dr. Tzu-Tang Wei, Department of Pharmacology
Dr. Shi-Wei Chu, Department of Physics
Dr. Yu-Hsiang Cheng, Department of Electrical Engineering
Ms. Jing-Xian Chen, Summer College
Ms. Jing-Miau Jian, Department of Social Work

Contact Person: I-Fan Chang
● TEL : 3366-3367#512
● E-mail : ifan@ntu.edu.tw

Feedback from Teacher

“Heard different teachers share their experiences and problem-solving methods, and got to know more teachers in different fields.”
“I’m very happy to once again see the teachers I met during the New Faculty Orientation, and got to know new mentor teachers.”
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