Digital media has become an important tool for teaching and learning. According to CTLD and DLC’S recent researches and experiences in promoting innovative teaching, it is found that the use of videos in teaching, on the one hand, can lessen teacher’s workload, increase the flexibility and diversity of course designs, and help teachers understand students’ learning styles; on the other hand, it can foster students’ learner autonomy .
 NTU COOL is the abbreviation of NTU COurses OnLine. This platform aims to provide a powerful tool for faculty members to use digital technologies and media materials in their teaching, and create students capable of autonomous learning and support them to manage their own pace of learning.
Currently the system has completed the development of the following functions:
  • The system adopts Canvas LMS: the basic functions include creating online courses, online assignments and tests, handouts uploading and browsing, forums, academic grades, To-Do List, notification, students groups, peer-evaluation, and rubric creation, etc.
  • Video Module: it allows users to upload their own videos and import videos from Youtube, to post comments and replies on specific parts of videos , to play videos at different speeds, to record video viewing behaviors of students and to provide visualized statistical charts/graphics.
  • Program Code Module: it supports online platform for programming code, provide highlight/indent of different languages, as well as the saving, downloading and displaying of program codes.
  • Text Note (Symphony):Teachers can release text files (PDF) to courses platform and students can mark on or highlight the text with platform tools for discussion or asking questions.
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“A good teaching platform should continue developing new functions so as to encourage teachers to innovate.”
“NTU COOL is a great and innovative platform. If NTU wants to be international in teaching, the development of NTU COOL will be the key. it’s a right way; we are on the right track. We need something innovative.”
“The building of NTU COOL is an important step to create NTU’s digital teaching and learning environment. By using NTU COOL‘s video teaching and online interaction, NTU will be able to promote online programs and provide distant learning opportunities to domestic and overseas students.”
“Many top universities, such as Stanford University, have similar digital teaching platforms because digital teaching is the trend in the digital era. NTU COOL not only provides NTU students richer learning resources but also shows the world NTU’s catching up with the trend.”

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