Course Production Support and Consultation

As it is said that “No handy tools, no handymen”, do you feel frustrated when you want to make course videos but do not have equipment? We know how you feel! We pay attention to not only digital competence but also the quality of your course video.
We offer faculty members and teaching related staff in departments/institutes the equipment loan service and studio booking service, which include cameras, wired/wireless microphones, tripods, and two video studios. You don’t have to worry about how to use the equipment as we provide training and consultation as well!
If you need to borrow equipment or use video studios, you are welcome to call us and fill out the application form on the right, and we shall work with you to complete the creation of your digital teaching materials!
Consultation Regarding Video Recording and Use of Studio:
Contact Person : Chia-Wei Chang    Tel : 3366-3367  # 584
E-mail :
Equipment Loan:
Contact Person : Chia-Wei Chang    Tel : 3366-3367  # 584
E-mail :


“We really appreciate DLC for providing video recording equipment and support for the production of the Introduction of Intelligent Agriculture course in the 2019 fall semester.”
DIY Studio
Studio B (Providing Green Screen, Table & Chairs, and Lighting)