XR Teaching Center

To promote innovative teaching, the Digital Learning Center of the Office of Academic Affairs established the Task-Oriented XR Teaching Center in 2022. This initiative encourages faculty to adopt immersive teaching methods by integrating virtual reality technology into the classroom. The aim is to diversify teaching approaches, enhance student learning experiences, and improve overall learning outcomes.
Services provided by the XR Teaching Center include:
(1) XR Equipment Borrowing – Various XR equipment such as VR headsets and 360° cameras are available for instructional use.
(2) XR Curriculum Experience – Not sure what an XR curriculum is? No problem, we’ll guide you through a quick experience to help you understand!
(3) XR Curriculum Consultation – Hands-on assistance in planning your own XR curriculum to ensure effective integration of XR technology into the teaching process.
(4) XR Workshops – Comprehensive VR 360 curriculum design lessons to equip you with the skills to create your own XR curriculum!
(5) XR Venue Rental – Looking for a suitable interactive learning environment? Our Future Classrooms are your best choice!
We provide XR equipment for teachers who apply for using Future Classroom (Zonghe R401). Teachers who are interested in using the Classroom are welcome to make a reservation for the guided tour.


Department of Athletics (instructor): Immersive teaching allows students to focus more on key aspects of practice, such as auditory discrimination, timing in racket swinging, etc.
Department of Geography (instructor): Utilizing the distinctive feature of 360° photography, it is well-suited to serve as material for introducing environments.
School of Nursing (instructor): The immersive experience allows users to repeatedly encounter situations that may arise in first aid, providing students with a more hands-on learning experience.
Department of History (student): VR 360 photography offers a new approach to storytelling, making it both fascinating and highly engaging.

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