TA Orientation

Each semester, the Center organizes the TA Orientation for students who want to be teaching assistants. The Orientation helps students understand the duties and core competence of teaching assistants. It includes the theme course “Teaching Assistant System, Role, and Attitude”, experience sharing of senior teaching assistants “Tips for New Teaching Assistants”, and other special courses. To date, the Center has conducted 29 orientations, and a total of more than 10,000 students have participated in the training and obtained teaching assistant certification.
In order to improve the teaching quality of teaching assistants, all teachers who offer liberal education courses approved by the Center for General Education, or common courses and specialized courses approved by the Office of Academic Affairs, must hire teaching assistants who have obtained the certification. During the training and certification process, outstanding teaching assistants share their experiences with new teaching assistants. Moreover, the Orientation helps teaching assistants to build a mindset of ” being a bridge between teachers and students” and develop their professional skills.

[2024 Fall Semester] TA Orientation 

Those who need certification, or teaching assistants hired by departments or teachers, are welcome to participate in the Orientation to enhance their teaching competency.
Registration Deadline
Until the quota is full (On-site registration is not available)
Registration Website
Orientation Period
13:00pm – 16:30pm, August 14, 2024  &
13:00pm – 16:30pm, August 28, 2024
★ Teaching assistants who are subsidized for the first time by the Office of Academic Affairs or the Center for General Education must complete the certification here!
★ Students are required to access the NTU COOL to complete the online courses and the quizzes within the specified time, and attend one session of the in-person workshop. The course content will be primarily in Chinese.
★ If you have previously obtained TA certification during your academic term, this certification remains valid until you leave the university. Log in to the TA Eligibility Check System to confirm whether you possess the qualifications to serve as a teaching assistant.
★ You can check your eligibility for the TA position at TA Eligibility Check System in  August 30, 2024.

【TA Orientations Organized by Departments/ Institutes】

The project assists colleges and departments in organizing their own TA orientations. It integrates the Center’s rich experience and the colleges and departments’ resources to cultivate more professional teaching assistants and establish a complete teaching assistant training and certification mechanism. Through these orientations, colleges and departments can also develop teaching assistant systems with their characteristics.
★Partner Department/College: College of Life Science, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Science

【Regulations and Forms】

【Contact Information】

▲ Contact Person: Xiang-Ning Lee(TA Orientation)
▲ TEL: 3366-3367 # 514
▲ E-mail: xnl627@ntu.edu.tw

▲ Contact Person :Che-Ling Hsu (TA Orientations Organized by Departments/ Institutes)
▲ Tel : 3366-3367#516
▲ E-mail : hcl1005@ntu.edu.tw

【Student Feedback】

“Thank you for organizing this activity to help us soon-to-be teaching assistants learn to be teaching assistants through the lectures. I have learned a lot of practical things, and the activities and gifts are very interesting. It was really rewarding.”
“The activity was only half a day, but it was very full and exciting. I really enjoyed it. The activity, click ‘Like’ to receive a drinking glass gift, was great, and the food bag was really beautiful and generous. The speakers were very good, and students who did not participate have really missed out. “
“I have really learned from the overall activities! The flow of the activities deserves extra points! I hope that there will be other such teaching workshops in the future! Thank you so much for your hard work! The activity was well prepared, and there were many thought-provoking lessons! It’s wonderful!”

Further Information…

To check on your TA Certification:
TA Eligibility Check System
A Handbook for TA:
PDF File
(Chinese/ English Version)

【TA Orientation Highlights】