Future Classroom

The NTU Future Classroom is located on the 4th floor of the Zonghe Lecture Building at the Main Campus. The construction was completed in February 2020 and the classroom was officially opened in March. It is currently under the management of the Digital Learning Center, the Office of Academic Affairs.
Design features of the Future Classroom include:
  • Advanced teaching equipment: the Classroom offers 9 large interactive touch displays replacing traditional blackboards, 1 high-end touchscreen computer at the lectern, and other teaching equipment, which creates an ash-free, dust-free and pollution-free teaching environment.
  • IoT technology: the interactive touch display comes with the built-in digital whiteboard, with support functions such as internet connectivity, USB file access, and APP installation, which enables presentation of multiple teaching materials and remote teaching.
  • In line with the BYOD trend: the Classroom supports wireless projection from all kinds of laptops and mobile phones, which improves the source-switching efficiency and reduces layout issues or incompatibility; and the Classroom also provides fixed/extended power outlets for students to use their own devices.
  • Active learning environment: The classroom has features such as one-touch screen broadcasting, movable desk and chair, adjustable lighting, and writable desks and wall surfaces, which increases interactions between teacher and students as well as student groups.
Application for using the Future Classroom in the next semester begins at the end of current semester. To reserve the Classroom for one-time teaching activity, please contact the person in charge directly. Teachers who are interested in using the Classroom are welcome to make a reservation for the guided tour.


The classroom is very spacious and has enough space for class and group activities. The students are very happy! (Teacher)
    The design of the Future Classroom is very suitable for courses with more teacher-student interactions, student discussions, or group presentation. (Teacher)
   The equipment is very new and easy to use. Needed a little exploration at first, but with help and practice, it is very useful and very helpful for class discussion. (Student)
   The equipment in this classroom is very complete and great!! I am very happy to be the first class to use this classroom. (Student)