Individual Counseling Service

This program provides teachers with resources to arrange remedial teaching for individual student (e.g. at-risk student) by customizing counseling plans based on students’ needs, and recruiting peer tutors for one-to-one tutoring.
  • Teachers may, after obtaining students’ consent, submit application for students. After the application is approved by the Center, teachers can recruit suitable peer tutors to provide tutoring sessions to the students in need.
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Peer tutors’ term of employment can be 2-6 months depending on students’ needs, which is calculated from the start date of the job but shall be limited to December 31st of the year due to the budget constraints.
  • Peer tutors are recruited by teachers; the Center assists in the administrative work of recruiting and paying the wages.
  • Each peer tutor should work at least 6 hour and at most 24 hours per month. The hourly wage is NTD 500 (Please refer to the “Directives for the Implementation of Common Courses Tutoring”).
Contact Person : Shih-Yu Teng
Tel : 33663367 #557
E-mail :

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