Lecture Recording System

To encourage faculty members to deliver blended learning and produce digital teaching materials, while lowering the threshold for teachers’ courses recording and increasing the opportunities for students to use videos to enhance their learning, the school has established the “Lecture Recording System” in the classrooms of Zonghe Lecture Building. This system allows instructors to record lectures while teaching.
The Lecture Recording System has three characteristics:
  • Automated recording:As long as applications are submitted for courses to be recorded, the system will automatically record lectures once classes start, and will stop recording five minutes after classes. There is no need for instructors to do any manual setting, which makes things more convenient and easier.
  • Automated upload:After the class is over, recorded lecture will be uploaded automatically to NTU COOL learning platform. Instructors can log in to NTU COOL, and download videos or share videos with the students enrolled in the course.
  • Three options:錄The system provides three types of video, including video recording with the view of the blackboard and the podium (it can record the writing on the blackboard), video recording the projector screen (it can record computer screen, such as presentation slides), and the video combining the aforementioned two images. Instructors can choose what best fits their teaching purposes.
Services Application:
To use the Lecture Recording System, an application for class to be held at the Zonghe Lecture Building needs to be submitted. Please pay attention to the application instructions given in the Courses Schedule Arrangement Meeting held by Office of Academic Affairs’ Curriculum Division. Faculty members who wish to apply for the use of the Lecture Recording System, please fill out the Application Form for the Usage of Classrooms in the Zonghe Lecture Building, and the Course Planning for Application for the Usage of the Lecture Recording System in the Zonghe Lecture Building. The applications forms are to be submitted to Curriculum Division.
Related Forms and Documents:
For questions about classroom arrangements, please contact Curriculum Division:33662388#305
For questions about the operation of the Lecture Recording System, please contact Digital Learning Center:33663367#580