Future Faculty Program

This program is offered for graduate students (master’s degrees/ doctoral degrees) of our school.

The services include:

  • Courses and trainings: Topics cover the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for graduate students in their studying, and the approaches are workshops or classroom instruction. Large-scale training events for new graduate students are also conducted at the beginning of each semester.
  • Lectures and forums: We invite outstanding scholars at home and abroad on an irregular basis to share their personal stories, academic experiences, or the current state of academia to provide guidance to graduate students for their learning and career development.
  • Internship matching: We work cooperatively with government to organize internship matching activities for graduate students to provide diverse opportunities for industry-academy connection.
  • Graduate Student Academic Discussion Groups: We encourage master and doctoral students with academic experience to help newly enrolled graduate students acquire the skills and knowledge required to tackle their respective fields of study, conceptualize at an earlier stage the general scope and direction of research, and map out in advance future career prospects. (Pilot Subsidization Guidelines for Graduate Student Academic Discussion Groups: DOC, PDF, ODF)
Contact Person : Ming-Sheng Lee   Tel : 33663367 #553
E-mail : mingsheng@ntu.edu.tw


“The professor provides many useful strategies for effective learning, which solves many problems I have encountered. It really helps!”
“I think that the lecturer knows the nature of the problem very well, so he can give the right answer to most audiences in a short time. The topic is suitable for diverse audiences.”
”It is brief and to the point. It’s a wake-up call to me. I wish I had known that earlier.”