T+ Camp

Following the same spirit of ‘passing on exemplary experiences’ as New Faculty Orientation does, a 2-day camp is held for senior teachers who have served at NTU for more than 3 years, in which seminars and interactive activities are organized to create opportunity for cross-disciplinary exchanges among teachers. This program tries to build a ‘recharge station’ in faculty members’ career path in the hope of assisting faculty members to examine their own teaching philosophy and self-worth through intensive training and exchange in teaching knowledge & skills so as to have themselves ‘recharged’ for the journey ahead and open up a new era for their teaching.
Contact Person : Yu-Shan Su
Tel : 3366-3367#513
E-mail : yushansu@ntu.edu.tw


“I’m not alone. Every teacher sincerely wants to help his/her students, which teaches me what is ‘Compassion’.”
“In response to students’ needs, I found the power of love.”
“Brainstorming! All teachers are so passionate and creative!”
“I met many enthusiastic teachers and learned a lot from them.”
“I perceived everyone’s determination to make a lifelong commitment to teaching.”
2019 T+ Camp
Kaleidoscope of Teaching
2019 T+ Camp