Introduction to the Center

  Universities are where human knowledge and civilization were accumulated and developed, which stimulate innovation of academic research and also highlight the passing on and initiation of intellectual ability. In this regard, ‘research’ and ‘teaching’ can be deemed as the two major missions of universities, any of which shall not be overvalued or neglected.
  Since the students accepted by our school can be regarded as elites in various fields of the society in the future, it is a task that cannot be postponed for us to take on the responsibility of a top university to attentively guide our students towards being a global citizen with intellect & talent, mature character and broad mind. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to integrate the abundant teaching resources in our school to assist faculty in improving teaching methods and to set up reasonable and feasible Teaching Assistant System and Teaching Evaluation System so as to stimulate faculty members’ enthusiasm of teaching and students’ motivation to learn, thereby creating the best higher education environment in our country.
    In view of the above perspectives, the Office of Academic Affairs of our school officially set up ‘Center for Teaching and Learning Development’ in 2006, in which teams of ‘Faculty Development’, ‘Learning Promotion’ and ‘Planning & Research’ were divided based on different task objectives. These objectives shall be attained by means of holding new faculty members’ camp, organizing Faculty Empowerment Series Activities, training teaching assistants, offering learning consultation and academic affairs planning & research, etc. to incorporate teachers and students who are enthusiastic to share teaching experiences to seek the enhancement of teaching quality in our school.
    In order to combine the strengths of traditional education and digital learning, accelerate the research and development of quality and professional digital learning materials, provide innovative learning service mode and enhance the publicness of higher education, our school adjusted the structure of Center for Teaching and Learning Development and set up ‘Digital Learning Center’ at the end of 2017 in the hope of utilizing the experiences and resources of Center for Teaching and Learning Development accumulated in the past ten years to facilitate the collaboration and mutual complement between the two units to effectively promote the development of digital learning in the school. Teams of ‘Teaching Technology’, ‘University Curriculum’ and ‘Public Curriculum’ were set in Digital Learning Center based on different task objectives in the hope of, through digital technologies, incorporating resources both inside and outside school, developing digital teaching platforms, assisting faculty in utilizing digital resources to improve teaching, researching & developing professional online learning resources, and promoting the credit certification of digital learning, etc.
    With the collaboration between the two centers in seeking enhancement of our school’s teaching quality, NTU shall meet the eager expectations of various fields of the society for ‘Teaching’ and ‘Research’ and shall be truly ranked among the top universities in the world.