International Study Group

This project is developed to encourage students of different cultural backgrounds to deepen their learning through peer exchanges and communication. It aims to cultivate students’ competencies including communication & leadership, organizing & expressing, and problem-solving so as to help them become an all-rounder with the ability of global cooperation. Activities of this project are scheduled to match to the partner schools’ schedules. Please check the Center’s website for the latest news of related schedules.
Contact Person : Yi-Hung Chen ; Ruo-Lan Wang   Tel : 33663367 #538 ; #597
E-mail : ;



“Intense, fun, fruitful, friendly and impressive.”
“It’s quite unique to meet people through online discussion in the first place, then six months later, we meet each other in person in Taiwan. We develop friendship gradually and hope we can still keep in touch with each other after the project is ended.”
“I think it’s a very meaningful event. Especially we got a lot of chance for conversation. I not only learned about the information of NTU and the history of Taiwan, but also found out the warm nationalities of students and people. It’s really a fantastic experience.”