Enhance Teaching Practice Research

MOE Teaching Practice Research Program

In order to improve the school’s overall teaching quality and to change the situation of valuing research over teaching in research university, the Center provides professional support to encourage faculty members to implement teaching-related researches, and assists those willing teachers in applying for the ‘Teaching Practice Research Program’, which is subsidized by the Ministry of Education.
Through information session, workshops, lectures, and regular meetings, the Center helps faculty members apply for and implement the program. Activities are also organized for faculty members to share achievements of the research, creating opportunities for idea exchange, and thereby further promote the spirit of the program.

The Center assists faculty members with the following matters:

1. Serve as the liaison between the University and the Ministry of Education: being in charge of compiling and submitting the application documents to the Ministry, notifying applicants of review results, submitting application for diverting funds for other uses, submitting application for projects extension, compiling closed projects to the Ministry, etc.
2. Conduct information session and consultation: provide faculty members who have the will to apply for this program with related information and offer one-on-one consultation.
3. Assist the faculty members whose projects are approved in organizing faculty development groups and handle related activities.
4. Organize project achievement presentations and compile the results achieved for the library to upload to websites.

MOE Teaching Practice Research Program Schedule for the 2021 Academic Year

Call for Proposals: MOE call for proposals information session is expected to be held in October. Submission period will be from mid-November to mid-December. Faculty members are encouraged to prepare the application documents in advance. If you have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to contact us.

Further Information::https://tpr.moe.edu.tw/index 

Contact Person: Yen-Chiao Chan   Tel: 3366-3367#515 (Center for General Education, Colleges: Liberal Art, Law, Social Sciences, Management, Science, Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)

E-mail : ycjhan@ntu.edu.tw

Contact Person: Kylie Yong   Tel: 3366-3366#25518 (Colleges: Bio-Resources & Agriculture, Medicine, Public Health, Life Science)

E-mail : kyliey@ntu.edu.tw

Teaching Practice Incubation Program

Have you ever discovered or encountered any problems during teaching?
Have you ever tried to solve the problems?

Why not try to turn the problem into research? It’s time for you to give it a try!

Use a systematic and evidence-based method to improve the teaching effectiveness and students’ learning outcome!

Introduction to 2022 Spring Semester Program (Application is Open until 12pm, February 8, 2022)

  1. The purpose of the program is to enhance the atmosphere of teaching-related research in the university, encourage faculty members to carry out practice research in front-line teaching, foster evidence-based teaching experiments, and thereby leverage students’ learning outcome and overall teaching quality.
  2. All full-time, part-time, and project teachers in NTU are welcome to apply for the program. Each teacher can only submit one research project. The research project should be based on the course or a co-teaching course to be taught by the applicant in the 2022 Spring semester. The course should be on the NTU Course Information Website and has a curriculum number. If the course is cancelled, the grant will not be awarded.
  3. The implementation period for the research project is from March 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022. No extension will be granted.
  4. Applicants should fill in the application form and budget plan, and submit the files to Ms. Chan of the Center via ycjhan@ntu.edu.tw.
  5. Please see the appendix 1 for the application form. The application form should include the following items and should be less than 10 pages (course materials, attachments, and reference are not counted):
    (1) General Information
    (2) Content
    A. Motivation and Purposes of Research
    B. Research Question
    C. Literature Review
    D. Instructional Research Design
    E. Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness
    (3) Course Materials and Course Outline
  6. The application review will be based on these criteria: clarity of research motivation, measurability of research question, relevance of literature review, feasibility of research design, diverse measures and clear criteria for teaching effectiveness evaluation.
  7. Please complete the budget plan (appendix 2). Each approved project will be granted NTD75,000 for operating expenses (see appendix for details). The fund cannot be used for personnel expenses and equipment fee, and should comply with MOE’s regulations for the use of funds. Any surplus upon the completion of the project, should be paid back to the Center.
  8. If the research project is approved, the applicant should submit the consent form within one week of receiving the notification.
  9. Teachers who receive the grant should submit the research report by September 30, 2022, and participate in one of the achievement presentations held by the Center to present the research outcome.
  10. In order to comply with the principles of academic ethics, faculty members should not apply for the program if the research project has already been subsidized by other funds. If there is any violation of academic integrity proved by concrete evidence, the Center may retrieve part or all of the grant of the approved research project, and handle the matter in accordance with the unversity’s regulations.
  11. The research outcome can be used as a basis to develop new research projects for other programs, such as MOE Teaching Practice Research Program or other teaching-related research program, so as to fulfill the purpose of the incubation program.

Links:Information on ApplicationAppendix 1 Application FormAppendix 2 Budget Plan


For further information on the spirit of the Teaching Practice Research Program and past research projects, please visit the following websites:
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