Digital Teaching Workshop

Digital Learning Center provides long-term assistance to faculty members in upgrading their digital teaching knowledge & skills for the practice in classroom teaching. There are various training courses of different topics arranged every year such as video recording software application, interactive teaching tools used in bigger classes, new information & teaching methods about digital teaching, and intellectual property workshops, etc. Teachers and teaching assistants who are interested in digital teaching are welcome to register.


“Digital Teaching instantly provides the statistics of the course, which is very helpful for the assessment of students’ learning outcomes.”
“Online Interaction is an effective teaching method. I learned a lot of skills in increasing classroom interaction.”
“This workshop provides practical skills and the lecturer’s delivery is clear and distinct. We have plenty of time for practicing. I hope that DLC will host more workshops to introduce online teaching resources to teachers and TAs. Thank you, workshop organizers. God job!”
“A very useful interactive teaching tool. It helps students focus in class and increases the peer interaction.”
“I benefit from learning new skills in Interactive teaching. I really appreciate DLC’s hard work.”

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