NTU MOOC x Coursera
Massive Open Online Courses

In 2013, NTU was invited by ‘Coursera’ – the largest online learning platform in the world – and became its only partner school in Taiwan. Incorporating NTU’s strengths in academic research, teaching, and industry-academia implementation, NTU MOOC has launched courses with NTU’s unique features, which makes it a top brand for MOOCs in the Sinophone World.
In order to encourage students to make good use of the digital courses resources at NTU MOOC, the ‘MOOCs Credit Transfer’ was enacted in the 2nd Semester of 2018 Academic Year.
Contact Person:Chi-Yin Chou  Tel:33663367 #564
E-mail: chiyin0209@ntu.edu.tw


Thanks to the teacher and NTU, I fulfill my dream of studying at NTU. I’ve learned a lot from the course!
I benefit a lot from the course. Self-learning is an endless journey. The real challenge is not the course but the self-discipline!
When finishing the course, the moderate frustration turns into the sense of achievement.
Great course worth watching again and again. I learn something new every time.
My only regret is that this course is way too short !