Active Learning Project

“Never fear to say your dream out loud before it comes true.”
— by Wang, a participant of Active Learning Project for 2020 Spring semester

Participants in the past have designed their learning theme, such as Biomimicry, for the Active Learning Project. After one semester of active learning and peer exchange, participants not only gained greater knowledge but also became more sophisticated in time management and project execution skills, thereby successfully achieving their learning milestone.
The Active Learning Project accepts various learning proposals. It encourages students to seek solutions to a problem in the field that have captured their attention, and through the process, to discover the treasures of knowledge, partnership, and life.

Project Features

✦ Attempt to solve a problem in your area of expertise or the issue of your concern, learn to discover, define, and solve problems.
✦ Communicate with students from different departments and in different specialties to stimulate diverse thinking and ideas.
✦ Through the seminars and workshops organized by the Center, learn the necessary skills for project execution.
✦ Explore areas of interest and accumulate experience through practical learning, to discover infinite career possibilities.

2021 Active Learning Project

Project Participants

All students enrolled in the University may apply for the project.
Priority shall be given to students admitted through special admission programs or the Hope Project.

▏Application Procedures

  • The applicant can be individual student or a group of students. Each group should have 3 members at most. Up to 20 applications will be accepted this semester.
  • The proposal must include: personal/team information, project ideas (motivation and purpose), implementation method (including preparation, method for recording progress), implementation schedule, expected outcome, method for final presentation, and budget.
  • Review Process: Stage 1 will be a review of the submitted documents. Those who pass the application review will be notified to participate in the Stage 2 interview on March 13. The final acceptance list will be announced on March 16.
  • Review Criteria: feasibility, learning ability, altruism, and expected outcome.

▏Project Implementation, Subsidies, and Training

Project Schedule:

Saturday, March 27 First Meeting
Saturday, April 10 Seminar
Saturday, May 8 Mid-Semester Meeting
Saturday, June 19 Final Presentation
  • Those accepted into the project must cooperate with the above schedule to qualify for the project grant and the right to participate in seminar. In addition, outstanding groups will be invited to participate in the Active Learning Project final presentation in October.
  1. Participants shall fulfill the following obligations:

(1) Participate in the four activities held by the Center (meeting at the beginning, middle, and end of the semester, seminar) for the discussion and sharing. Those who fail to participate in all the activities shall be disqualified.

(2) During the project period, participants must submit 4 articles. The articles should be in the form of learning reflection (1-2 articles) and reports on the progress (1-2 articles). The Center will publish the articles on website.

(3) At the end of the project, participants must submit a poster and give an oral presentation.

  1. Subsidies:

(1) Participants can receive approved subsidy during the project period. The subsidy will be disbursed in stages.

(2) Subsidized items:

Amount Item Description
NTD 4,000 Poster Design fee One introduction poster for the first meeting

One poster for the final presentation

NTD 6,000 Author’s Remuneration NTD0.87 per word; reimbursement of actual expense

Due to fund restriction, expenditures for courses registration, transportation, and accommodation cannot be subsidized.

▏Other Reminders

1. Participants must sign a copyright consent form for use of documents, reports, and other materials related to the project. The Center shall be authorized to have free use of these material for promotion purpose.
2. Those who have not received other subsidies shall have priority in the project subsidies.
3. Matters not dealt with in the project shall be handled according to the announcements of the Center.

▏Examples/Information Download