NTU Speech

NTU Speech is created for the purpose of preserving valuable videos of on-campus lectures and documenting various workshops/activities held by NTU, in which topics of various academic disciplines are covered and both aspects of academia and practice are considered. With the online replay via NTU Speech, audiences can revisit the event scenes and the lectures can be viewed repeatedly anytime and anywhere, which makes it an important resource for extensive learning and further study. We also provide lecture recording and post-production service, for which the school’s secondary (or above) units are eligible for application. The service is not applicable for individuals.
Contact Person: Yo-Rong Chang   Tel: 33663367#582
E-mail : yorong@ntu.edu.tw


NTU Speech boosts your imagination and expands your horizons.
I think the content of NTU Speech is great. The visual presence of the website is also nice.
Studying at NTU for 8 years, I feel that NTU has fully utilized the nation’s resources to provide quality education to students.
I’m a street dancer. Your talk and performance in the video inspired me. Thank you very much. Thank you for inspiring many people.
Wonderful sharing! Music without soul is like musicians have no pulse.
The teacher is remarkable! So knowledgeable!