Specialized Courses Tutoring

In order to encourage departments to provide students with learning support on specialized courses, the Center has worked with departments to conduct the ‘Subsidy for Specialized Courses Tutoring’ project. Departments can decide the content of tutoring sessions based on their professional subjects and students’ needs, recruit peer-tutors, and apply for funding from the Center to support students’ learning during the semester.

【Application Procedures】

1. The applying department should submit the application materials on line before deadline:
(1) Application materials
(2) Tutor’s Resume and Transcripts.
2. Students who apply to be a tutor may do other part-time jobs in different units in the school at the same time. However, those who get paid by the same L fund from CTLD cannot apply for this position.
1. The Center will notify departments of the results of their applications and the subsequent employment procedures.
2. Departments that have been approved must submit the following documents for the employment procedure before deadline:
(1) Application form for hiring tutor
(2) Consent form for insurance premium apportionment (only those who are hired by other units in the school need to complete the form).
3. The above documents must be approved by the head of each unit (department director). The Center will deliver the documents to the Personnel Department after approving by the director.
1. The start date of the employment period is the first and the third week of the semester. Departments may postpone their start date according to the status of the tutor selection. Employment period should end on June 7th.
2. Departments should pay the tutor on a monthly basis, which is a total of four times from February to June of this semester. For next semester, since the source of this fund is from the Higher Education Sprout Project, the tutoring sessions can only run until December 31st, and the payment of wage must be completed before December 20th.
3. The department staff must submit the application form for labor and health insurance withdrawal to the Personnel Department no later than one day prior to the final day of the employment.
Contact Person : Shih-Yu Teng
Tel : 33663367 #557
E-mail : vinateng@ntu.edu.tw


“The tutor is very organized and systematic in her instructions <3 :).”
“The problem-solving is very useful. It’s great to have the opportunity to practice! Thank you so much.”
“There’s so much information on clinical biochemical enzymes… Thank you, tutor, for teaching me memorization tips!”

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