Digital Learning Center cordially invites faculty members to attend a three-day “VR 360 Curriculum Design” workshop on January 9th, January 15th, and January 30th. The workshop aims to teach teachers how to use 360 cameras to create VR curriculum to support teaching. On January 15th, Professor Ping-Hsuan Han from the Department of Interaction Design at National Taipei University of Technology will be invited to share his practical experience in teaching ” Immersive storytelling, virtual reality scriptwriting and filming” both nationally and internationally. We welcome all faculty members who are interested in innovative teaching to join us!

Event Information:

※ Date and Time: January 9th, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-17:00

                               January 15th, 2024 (Monday) 9:30-16:30

                               January 30th, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-17:00

※ Venue: R401, Zonghe Lecture Building, NTU Main Campus

Registration Period: From now until January 3rd, 2024

Registration Here:

※ Number of Participants: 48

※ Event Schedule:

◆ January 9th, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-17:00 VR360 Curriculum Design (delivered in Mandarin)

◆ January 15th, 2024 (Monday) 9:30-12:00 & 13:30-16:30 Lecture by Professor Ping-Hsuan Han (delivered in Mandarin)

◆January 30th, 2024 (Tuesday) 14:00-17:00 Share and experience the results of VR360 curriculum (delivered in Mandarin)

※ Pandemic Prevention Measures:

1. Food and drinks are not allowed in the venue.

2. Individuals who feel unwell or have upper respiratory infection symptoms are kindly requested to refrain from attending the event.

※ This workshop will be delivered in Chinese.

※ Organizer: Division of University Courses, Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs

※ Contact Person: Ms. Wang, Tel: (02)3366-3366 #585, Email: