Course Management Platform

Currently NTU provides two course management platforms —CEIBA and NTU COOL—  to faculty members. Instructors can choose the platform based on their needs.  

  • CEIBA Course Management Platform provides various online tools to assist with classroom teaching and incorporates information systems in the University to facilitate teaching practice. CEIBA links up with academic administration systems to assist faculty members in creating courses websites, by which instructors can upload courses handouts, announce assignments, and release academic grades. It also provides other functions such as forums, etc. to support the teaching and learning of the courses.

CEIBA Website
User Instruction Video
CEIBA Beginners Guide

  • NTU COOL(NTU COurses OnLine) is the new-generation digital teaching platform developed by DLC. In addition to courses handouts upload, assignments announcement, and academic grades release, it provides new functions such as online video playing, posting comments on specific parts of videos, and Symphony, etc. Besides, it archived students’ learning records such as their video viewing behaviors and comments, etc. which could be observed from the server side of the platform.

NTU COOL Website
User Manual
COOL 123

※ Currently the ID and password for logging in CEIBA and NTU COOL are the same as the ID and password of your NTU Email. Please refer to Computer & Information Networking Center’s website at for application procedure.