Faculty Development Program

NTU has teachers outstanding in research and high-quality students. However, insufficient learning motivation in students and disconnection between theory and practice are inevitable challenges in front-line teaching. “Inquiry-Based Learning” is the perfect antidote for leveraging NTU’s advantages and integrating research and teaching so as to feature NTU’s signature pedagogy. Through the process of discovering problems, forming hypotheses, proving hypotheses, and reaching conclusions, students are encouraged to engage in active deep learning, and subsequently cultivating interest and generating a sense of accomplishment.
How to guide student through Inquiry-Base Learning? In this semester’s Faculty Development Program, the Center will take you step by step into the challenges in the field of teaching, discover and explore interesting problems arising from the challenges, and evaluate the learning effectiveness of new teaching methods. The activities will then be extended into actual practice, and a blueprint for teaching and research will be formulated through brainstorming.
In addition, from October to December each year, the Ministry of Education will call for proposals and offer a grant to encourage teachers to invest in teaching practice research. Your participation in the Faculty Development Program will be an “early deployment” to prepare for the “Ministry of Education’s Teaching Practice Research Program”.
At the same time, with the development of mobile devices and the prevalence of the Internet, student learning models have become more diverse. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the accelerated transformation of teaching models has become an important issue for the professional growth of teachers today. Faced with the trend of blended learning, the Center will work together with teachers to explore how to improve their educational technology application ability and cultivate the core competence of digital learning in students!
Contact Person: Yu-Shan Su Tel: 3366-3367#513
E-mail: yushansu@ntu.edu.tw


Gained a more in-depth thinking about teaching effectiveness, and able to re-think the interactive effects of teaching goals and student needs
The specific examples and personal experience shared by the teacher are very helpful. Thank you for your impressive and sincere sharing.
It is very rewarding to see different ideas being generated from the peer feedback, and realize my weak point from the practice! I have benefitted greatly!
Great activities. At the same time, I got acquainted with some dedicated teachers. ♡☺