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針對小班制課程討論需求,推薦授課教師使用 U 會議 (U Meeting)、U簡報 (U Webinar),教師亦可選擇其他自己操作熟悉的視訊會議軟體與學生遠距討論。
訊連科技與本校合作遠距教學視訊軟體支援,本校教師每人會有一組 U 會議 (支援 100 方連線) 及 U 簡報 (支援 500 方連線) 的企業版帳號,可供教師進行無限時不斷線的討論,臺大數位學習中心已寄出開通 U 會議及 U 簡報邀請信至本校教師信箱。如欲於 NTU COOL上使用UMeeting,可參考此說明文件
即日起本校教職員亦可透過 Webex 雲端會議軟體進行遠距教學或開啟會議,教職員若有使用需求,請由各單位網管人員統一向計資中心網路組申請,使用問題請洽計資中心江先生,電話:33665513,。
若授課教師有直播授課之需求,可使用筆電、外接攝影機、搭配 OBS 軟體於 Youtube 上進行課堂直播,
● 應用 OBS 軟體在 Youtube 進行課堂直播設定說明
特別說明 : 由於中國對於網路使用有其限制,加上線上會議、視訊討論對於網路環境、網路品質有一定的需求,若學生欲從中國連線參與線上討論,實無法掌握其能否順利連線。 若學生無法順利連線,可建議其嘗試使用臺大 VPN,只要擁有臺大計中帳號,皆可使用此服務。臺大 VPN 校外連線說明請參考此連結
For instructors of small classes that require discussions, we recommend two pieces of software, U Meeting and U Webinar. Instructors can also choose other video conferencing software that they are familiar with and hold distance discussions with students.
We provide CyberLink business accounts for our instructors to use for long-time and continuous discussions and had already sent the account invitation to your NTU email boxes. Please check your e-mail box and activate your CyberLink accounts.
Webex is recommended to our faculty members as well. Please contact network administrators in your departments or offices for applying accounts. For any questions about Webex, contact Mr. Chiang at Computer and Information Networking Center (Tel: 33665513, E-mail:
You can see more recommended video conference software here.
U Meeting
Download    User Guide 
        Download   User Guide
Notes : In addition to China’s restrictions on Internet use, since online meetings and video conferencing require specific network environment and Internet quality, a smooth connection cannot be guaranteed if students intend to participate in online discussions from China.
If students have trouble signing in, an attempt with NTU VPN is suggested. An NTU Account is required for this service. For descriptions of connecting through NTU VPN outside of school, please refer to this link.