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本校在既有的「學習諮詢服務」基礎上 (包含基礎學科諮詢、專業學科諮詢、個案諮詢三類協助),加開線上諮詢服務,並支應小老師輔導費。學生觀看線上課程後,如還需要加強學習,可使用此服務。請學生自備筆電與通訊軟體,如:Skype、Google Meet,與小老師約定上線時間,進行課業諮詢。
服務對象 服務說明
需要「基礎或共同學科」協助的學生 ● 教發中心已固定提供實體的微積分、普通物理、統計學之「基礎學科諮詢」,聘有數名課輔小老師,可配合需要線上輔導的學生,請小老師個別安排。
● 聯絡人:謝姍姍   電話:33663367#557   信箱
需要「其他科目」協助的學生 ● 學生可使用「個案諮詢」專案,請主動聯繫導師或授課教師,表達課輔需求,將由教師依學生需求客製一對一輔導計畫、招聘課輔小老師,向教發中心提出輔導經費申請。
● 採隨到隨審制,依學生需要,可輔導至學生返校為止。學生返校後若需要繼續輔導,將協助與小老師協調延長,總時長至多 6 個月。
● 教師若可幫忙學生安排,請來信洽詢專案詳情。教師申請網址:臺大學習諮詢 (
● 聯絡人:謝姍姍   電話:33663367#557   信箱
1. 個案諮詢小老師聘雇流程 :
2. 網路連線 :
由於中國對於網路使用有其限制,加上線上會議、視訊討論對於網路環境、網路品質有一定的需求,若學生欲從中國連線參與線上討論,實無法掌握其能否順利連線。若學生無法順利連線,建議嘗試使用臺大 VPN。臺大 VPN 校外連線說明請參考此連結

On the basis of current learning consultation services (the three kinds of assistance including consultation for basic academic subjects, professional disciplines and individual cases), the center offers additional online consultation services and covers the tutorial fees. After watching online courses, students who require reinforcement in learning can use this service. Students are required to bring their own laptop and communication software such as Skype and schedule time with the teaching assistant for online academic consultation.
Subjects Provided
Service Description
Students who need assistance in basic or general subjects ●  The Center for Teaching and Learning Development (CTLD) has already hired several TAs to offer regular face-to-face consultation services for basic academic subjectsincluding Calculus A/B, General Physics, General Chemistry, Statistics and Engineering Mathematics. Individual arrangements can be made by the TAs to cater to the students’ needs for online consultation.

● Contact person : Ms. Hsieh
Tel : 33663367#557
Email :

Students who need assistance in other subjects ●  Students can express their needs for teaching assistance by using the project Consultation for Individual Casesto make a direct contact with their class advisor or instructors. The teachers will then customize a one-on-one consultation plan according to the students’ needs, hire TAs and submit applications to the CTLD.

●  Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Consultation services are available as needed by the students until their return to campus. If consultation services are still in demand after the students’ return, we will help to coordinate with the TAs for prolonged teaching assistance over a period up to 6 months.

●  Instructors who can help with the arrangements for students, please email for project details. Application website for instructors : 臺大學習諮詢 (

● Contact person : Ms. Hsieh
Tel : 33663367#557
E-mail :

1. The hiring procedure for TAs that
help with Consultation for Individual Cases : 臺大學習諮詢 (

2. Internet connection :
In addition to China’s restrictions on Internet use, since online meetings and video conferencing require specific network environment and Internet quality, a smooth connection cannot be guaranteed if students intend to participate in online discussions from China. If students have trouble signing in, an attempt with NTU VPN is suggested. For descriptions of connecting through NTU VPN outside of school, please refer to this link.