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以板書上課的教師可使用「手機隨課錄」,以 PPT 上課的教師可使用「EverCam」或「OBS」錄影軟體,純粹口述的課程可申請使用本中心的「DIY 攝影棚」進行專錄,錄製好後,請教師上傳課程影片至 NTU COOL,修課學生登入即可觀看。
若教師想隨課錄製 PPT 畫面,建議您下載 EverCam 或 OBS 軟體,並使用 USB 桌上型麥克風,於課程中一邊講解 PPT、一邊錄製電腦畫面。另外,亦可善用具備自動錄播系統之綜合教學館教室,運用空堂進行課程影片錄製。如欲使用綜合教學館錄製影片,請先至教務處教室借用系統登記使用時間,再向數位學習中心申請錄播服務。


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Instructors who use the blackboard to teach can record videos with a smartphone in class while those who teach with PPT can use EverCam. Lecture-only courses can be recorded in the center’s DIY Studio after an application is submitted. After the course videos are recorded, instructors can upload them on NTU COOL for the students who take the class to sign in and view.
If instructors hope to record PPT presentations during teaching, we recommend that you download the software EverCam and record the computer screen while giving PPT presentations with a bluetooth microphone. If this software is still found inapplicable, instructors can submit a reservation request to use the classrooms in the Multi-Purpose Class Building where automatic recording is provided to record PPT presentations while teaching; Also, DVs and tripods are available in the central control room should instructors wish to record their teaching using the blackboard.
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