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若您想知道目前的課程規劃可選擇哪些數位化工具,請點擊 「我需要哪些數位化工具進行教學?」
若您尚未進行過數位教學,請點擊 「快速上手數位教學」 觀賞線上直播教學影片。
若需要額外設備支援,請洽 技術諮詢」。

According to the announcement of Ministry of Education, schools at all levels in Taiwan are prohibited from using conference software Zoom for its cybersecurity concerns. Therefore, we recommend you to use other conference software. CyberLink U meeting and U Webinar business accounts are provided for our instructors. We sent the account invitation for all instructors. Please check your e-mail box and activate your CyberLink accounts.
By following the suggestions on this webpage, instructors can digitalize courses for those unable to attend school and in need of distance learning.
If you wish to know what digital tools are available for the current curriculum, please select “What Digital Tools Do I Need to Perform Teaching?”
If you have not taught via digital tools, please select “Software Download and Equipment Hire” to view the live streaming tutorial video. For any questions, contact “Technical Inquiry”.