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教務處數位學習中心將於 11/2 (三) 舉辦「智慧遠距教室」推廣說明會,介紹今年暑假剛完工的綜合606與博雅308兩間智慧遠距教室,現場示範教室設備的操作方式與功能特色,歡迎有遠距教學的師長們踴躍參加!


※ 上午場:111 年 11 月 2 日 (星期三) 10:00~11:00 綜合606智慧遠距教室推廣說明會
※ 下午場:111 年 11 月 2 日 (星期三) 14:00~15:00 博雅308智慧遠距教室推廣說明會
※ 報名時間:111 年 10 月 24 日至 111 年 10 月 28 日中午 12 點止
※ 報名網址:
※ 人數上限:30 人
※ 承辦單位:教務處數位學習中心大學課程組
※ 聯絡人:林先生 (02)3366-3366

※ 防疫注意事項:
1. 請配合測量體溫及酒精清潔手部再入場。
2. 進入會場請全程配戴口罩,會場內禁止飲食。
3. 如有身體不適、發燒 (體溫 37.5 以上)、上呼吸道症狀、旅遊史或居家檢疫中的人員謝絕入場。
4. 若因疫情變化而有調整變動,將另行公告及通知報名者。

Digital Learning Center cordially invites faculty members to join “The Smart Distance Learning Classroom” Workshop on Nov. 2nd. The Smart Distance Learning Classrooms are located at Zonghe Lecture Building Rm. 606 and Boya Lecture Building Rm. 308. Faculty members who have distance learning needs are welcome to join the event!


Event Information:

※ Morning Session: Nov. 2nd 10:00~11:00 at Zonghe Rm. 606 Smart Distance Learning Classroom (delivered in Mandarin)

※ Afternoon Session: Nov. 2nd 14:00~15:00 at Boya Rm. 308 Smart Distance Learning Classroom (delivered in Mandarin)

Registration: until October 28, 2022

Number of Participants: 30

※ Registration Here:

Organizer: Division of University Courses, Digital Learning Center, Office of Academic Affairs

Contact Person: Mr. Lin, Tel: (02)3366-3366 #586, Email:

※ Pandemic Prevention Measures:

1. Please wear a face mask all the time in the venue. No food or drinks are allowed.

2. If you have a fever (body temperature higher than 37.5°C), or have upper airway symptoms, or have travel history to high/medium risk zones 14 days prior to the event, or are in quarantine, you will not be permitted to enter the venue.

3. If the event is postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, DLC will make an announcement and inform the participants.