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09:00-09:30 報到
10:00-10:20 茶敘
10:20-12:00 【分場1】混成教學設計與應用-線上線下,相輔相成
      【分場2】 教學中的嘗試與對照-平行假設,交織求證
12:00-13:20 午餐
13:20-15:00 【分場3】 VR教學的導入與發展-原地跳躍,融於其身
15:20-15:20 茶敘
15:20-17:00 【分場5】科技在教學中的功能與角色-金木水火,本質為勝  



即日起報名至 06/11止,讓我們一起開啟一場探索之旅吧!


Teaching is an exploration, where each lesson, each unit, and even every minute is a unique universe. In this event, we will embark on a journey through six dimensions of teaching. Each session will take you on an exploration of different dimensions, allowing you to discover the myriad possibilities, and unleash your own creativity within your own universe.

—Event Information—

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2023
Time: 09:00-17:00
Venue: 1st Floor of the Boya Lecture Building

— Teaching Expo Agenda —

09:00-09:30  Registration
09:30-10:00【Opening Keynote】Academic Policy Advancement – Evidence-Based, Exploring the Possibilities.
10:00-10:20  Tea Break
10:20-12:00 【Session 1】Blended Teaching Design and Application- Online or Offline, in Harmony They Align.
      【Session 2】Comparison and Experimentation in Teaching – Parallel Assumptions,  Cross-Verifications.
12:00-13:20  Lunch
13:20-15:00 【Session 3】Introduction and Development of VR in Teaching – Immersive Experience, Ubiquitous-Learning.
      【Session 4】Cultivation and Assessment of Competency-Orientated Learning – Discovering Invisible Quality, Polishing it up to a Shine.
15:20-15:20  Tea Break
15:20-17:00 【Session 5】The Function and Role of Technology in Teaching –  With Diverse Elements, The Essence Speaks the Truth.  
      【Session 6】Across Dimensions, Collaboration and Implementation – Through Wormholes, Interstellar Exploration Unfolds.

We invite experienced teachers with relevant expertise to share their insights on various themes. There will also be poster displays showcasing the teaching achievements of many educators. Whether you have teaching experience or are new to the field, you are welcome to join us for exchange of ideas.

Registration URL:

Registration is open from now until June 11. Let’s embark on an exploration journey together!

Note: All speeches will be delivered in Chinese.