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112-1 學期教師同儕觀課

本學期的觀課課表已出爐。本學期邀請 6 位教師,開放精彩課程,開課日期集中於十月至十一月,邀請本校教師及國立臺灣大學系統之校外教師撥空申請觀課,與我們一同親臨現場學習唷~
配合新進教師基石方案,推出 BOPPPS 示範課程及 EMI 課程的課堂觀摩,歡迎赴「臺大觀課服務-校園藏寶地圖」查閱課程資訊及課程介紹。


112-1 Semester NTU Classroom Observation Serve Is Now Open for Application!

CTLD cordially invites NTU faculty members to join the Classroom Observation in this coming semester!
Since 2017, CTLD has been organizing the Classroom Observation activities for NTU faculty members. More than 100 teachers have benefited from these activities.
CTLD will invite 6 experienced teachers to open their classroom doors to faculty members. 6 courses will be available for classroom observation, including 3 courses delivered in English. In addition, CTLD will invite teachers from National Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to join the Classroom Observation activities.
Classroom Observation encourages peer interaction and exchange of ideas between teachers. By learning from and with each other, teachers begin to build communities of collaboration. It also provides a valuable opportunity of professional learning for teachers. Participating teachers will develop a greater awareness of teaching philosophy and effective teaching practices, which will help them to refine the course design and improve student learning in their own classrooms.
For further information, please contact Iris Chang via