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● 為推動各學系提供系內學生專業學科課業輔導,本中心採取與各學系合作的方式,辦理「專業學科學習諮詢補助計畫」。各學系依據各自專業學科與學生需求自訂輔導內容,並自行招募課輔小老師,向本中心提出經費申請,於學期間協助學生之課業學習。
個案學習諮詢 ● 本專案提供導師輔導資源,針對個別有學習困難之學生(如:成績預警生,依學生需求客製輔導計畫,聘任小老師提供一對一輔導。
個案諮詢小老師聘雇流程 :

Academic Counseling Service

Common Courses Tutoring

In order to enhance the learning effectiveness of the students and help them overcome difficulties in studying fundamental subjects, the Center selects ‘academic counseling tutors’ to provide learning consultation service for subjects such as calculus, general physics,  and statistics, etc. at fixed times and locations. Students are welcome to make reservations online.

Specialized Courses Tutoring

 In order to encourage departments to provide students with learning support on specialized courses, the Center has worked with departments to conduct the ‘Subsidy for Specialized Courses Tutoring’ project. Departments can decide the content of tutoring sessions based on their professional subjects and students’ needs, recruit peer-tutors, and apply for funding from the Center to support students’ learning during the semester.

Individual Counseling Service

 This program provides teachers with resources to arrange remedial teaching for individual student (e.g. at-risk student) by customizing counseling plans based on students’ needs, and recruiting peer tutors for one-to-one tutoring.